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The Delta Group is a global supplier of components for many types of applications. The components we offer include fiber optical transceivers, magnetic components, automotive components, fans, motors, RF/wireless components, and optical electric components.

Our accumulated knowledge in magnetics and EMI filters lets us manufacture power supply, telecom, and networking components, as well as solenoids for home appliance and automotive applications. Delta also offers automotive components that include ABS, door lock actuators and immobilizers, and interior control modules.

Addressing the ever-present issue of heat generated by electronics devices, Delta is a world-leading supplier of DC fans, blowers, and fan trays. Our thermal management products feature active coolers using heat pipe, copper soldering fin, and other special designs. Precision motors are an important part of Deltas component mix. These include spindle motors for data storage equipment; stepping motors for digital cameras, printers, car meters, and other products with positioning requirements; and digital motor controllers for automotive and industrial products.

Delta offers a line of RF/Microwave components that include one of the worlds smallest Bluetooth modules, as well as VCOs and RF Modules for mobile applications.

For future data services bandwidth is key, which is why optical communication components are in high demand. Delta designs and manufactures some of the most advanced optical transceiver modules and gigabit interface converters in the industry.

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